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"Stress-Free" Your Time on the Water with this boating safety device!

Make Safety Your #1 Priority!
Wind or waves let the PATENT-PENDING Tru-Toss take the stress out of docking and tying up to another
boat, allowing you the maximum amount of enjoyment for your family and friends.
Insert your line into the Tru-Toss, then toss the line to another boat or dock with ease!
Tru-Toss is made of a soft durable material that will float your boat line!

Watch it Work

About Tru-Toss

The Tru-Toss was originally designed for the passenger who has a hard time throwing the rope. Whether it's tossing the rope to the dock person, or tossing the rope to another boat, I knew there was a safety issue that needed to be addressed.
From that need, the Tru-Toss was born!

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